The History of Findlay Country Club

Findlay Country Club was established in 1908 on its present site as a nine hole course. The club had an original membership of 144, which has grown substantially today. In the early years, transportation to and from the grounds was by boat on the Blanchard River from the Main Street bridge to Riverside Park, and then by small boats and canoes to a landing located near the present eighth tee. The club was first incorporated August 17, 1908 by:

  • O.D. Donnell
  • C.E. Yost
  • N.W. Hickok
  • J.O. Reed 
  • Karl L. Schwartz
The first officers were:
  • George P. Jones, President
  • C.L. Casterline, Vice President
  • John E. Priddy, Secretary
  • L.W. Eoff, Treasurer
A nine hole course was constructed in 1908­. In 1928, additional land was purchased and the present eighteen hole golf course was constructed on the old and new land. Noted golf architect, Thomas Bendelow (East Lake Golf Club, Medinah Country Club #3) designed and built the present 18 hole course.

Also, in 1908-­1909, a small clubhouse was constructed for the cost of $7,000 on the site of our present clubhouse. During the following years, additions were made to the clubhouse in order to meet the growing demands of the membership. On Easter Sunday in 1943, the building caught fire and burned to the ground. In 1950, the Findlay Country Club's second clubhouse was dedicated, on the same site. Like the original, it was renovated and enlarged before being torn down in September, 1994 after a grand closing party. The present clubhouse was constructed in 1994-­95 at a cost of $3,000,000 and was dedicated on July 4, 1995 before a crowd of nearly 1,000 members and guests. For over 100 years, Findlay's clubhouse has evolved to fit our membership while always standing in the exact same place. We plan to continue our honor tradition as we keep it there for another 100+ years.