Course Policies

All year round, tee times are scarce and demand is high. Please have the decency to call as soon as possible if you or your group has a tee time and is not going to be able to play.

"No Shows" will not be tolerated. Indian River County Resident I.D. cardholders who reserve tee times and do not show up, will have their reservation privileges revoked.

Remember, these reservation options are a privilege and a service to you. Therefore, you are required to follow a few simple rules. If you make a reservation for a foursome, we expect you to arrive with a foursome, not a threesome or twosome. The computer is capable of pairing twosomes and single golfers. If you need to cancel or change a reservation, you may go back through the computer system the same way as when making the tee time. You are expected to cancel your reservation a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

Remember, "No Shows are not only bad for business, they don't allow golfers who want to play a chance because that time was booked by you.

Handicap access is a privilege to those individuals in need of special consideration while playing Sandridge Golf Club. In order to obtain a Handicap Flag, you must present either a Handicap Sticker from your car or a valid doctor's note. No Exceptions! NOTE: For those county card holders who in the past have had an orange sticker placed on their card, they must get a new sticker by presenting the same information as stated above.

Every winter, pace of play on both golf courses becomes a major issue at Sandridge Golf Club. On every golf cart, there is a Time Par sheet in the information holder. To play the Dunes course, groups of four are expected to play in four hours and eleven minutes while on the Lakes course, they need to play in four hours and three minutes.

In order to help achieve these time goals, all golf carts are tagged with GPS trackers by management through TagMarshall.  If a group is out of position, they will be warned by a ranger. In order to be out of position, the players must have an open hole in front of them and be in violation of the allotted time for the number of holes completed. Players will be notified if there is a violation at the completion of the hole.

Rangers will first warn the group that they are behind and will monitor them. If the group cannot close the gap in front of them, they may be asked to pick up their golf balls and proceed forward to fill the gap. If they still cannot close the gap, they may be asked to leave and return at a time when the golf course is not as busy. It is a goal of Sandridge Golf Club to improve the pace of play on both golf courses during the winter season. Please help us by playing ready golf and by keeping up with the group in front of you. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me at

The course awaits!

For tee times please call: (772) 770-5000.